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Since I last wrote, Lindsay and I decided to use the MYP Next Chapter unit planner. This will allow the unit to be used again next year and helps us transition to the fall. Lindsay went to subject specific MYP training last month and I did some reading on my own. We worked together to come up with key and related concepts, the global context and the statement of inquiry. Since this is the first unit either of us is creating with these new elements, we know we might have to do some adapting as the unit progresses.

The last piece we’re trying to finalize is the inquiry question. We’d like to have 1 question from art and 1 from design for each of the types (factual, conceptual and debatable). Although I’m completely open to any and all feedback regarding the unit, I’d specifically love some thoughts about our inquiry questions! Please check out my brainstorm post and then leave me any feedback here (or on the unit planner). MERCI!