About Me

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*BA in Chemistry with French minor from Hope College (Michigan)

*certified to teach secondary French & Chemistry

*Google Education Trainer


*lived in Rennes, France (twice) and Jackson, Wyoming

*moved from Michigan to South Carolina in 2008, back to MI summer of 2012, and off to Kuwait in August 2012

*living in Kuwait with my husband and kittens

*Technology Integration Coach in Kuwait

*Holds Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL)

*Working toward my MEd in School Technology Leadership at the University of Kentucky

*doing what I can to help teachers in my school meaningfully integrate technology into their lessons in order to reach all their students

*blogging about our experiences as expat teachers

*love and miss my family back in the mitten (aka Michigan), but not ready to go back <3

Bio: Lissa Layman is a chemist turned teacher. After leaving the land of pharmaceuticals, she entered the game of teaching. In a surprise turn of events, she has actually enjoyed the daily challenge and adventure teaching brings. During her three years in South Carolina, Lissa helped write a grant to get iPod touches into the hands of students in the World Language classrooms at her high school. She was also fortunate enough to teach French in a 1:1 Chromebook classroom in a Google Apps for Education District. Lissa is a Google Education Trainer and holds a Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL). She is currently working towards her Masters in School Technology Leadership with the University of Kentucky. Lissa is a Technology Integration Coach in Kuwait. She spends her days collaborating with colleagues to meaningfully implement their BYOD initiative.